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Great European Roadtrip: Sigüenza

5 April 2011 – 20:49 |

Credits: Long walk to the castle / Lucas. Van before castle / George.

Great European Roadtrip: Figueres

5 April 2011 – 20:48 |

On Monday Lucas was so eager to return to Spain that he drove for eleven hours, through three countries, four language zones and numerous wine and cheese producing areas in time to reach Figueres …

Great European Roadtrip: Swiss hospitality

4 April 2011 – 22:38 |

Saturday at the border we met a welcoming committee of two stiff-backed gentlemen in peaked caps, one with a trim French moustache, the other with a clipped accent and both blessed with a keen sense …

Great European Roadtrip: Lyon revisited

4 April 2011 – 22:33 |

I last spent time in Lyon back in the late summer of 2002 when, being jobless, my circumstances confined me to an austerity diet of a sandwich or two a day and water from the …