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Bit loans

18 February 2013 – 16:47 |

WANT to get some cash at automated teller machines in Nairobi? Don’t be surprised by the guards with machine guns. ATMs attract plenty of muggers and pickpockets.
Unsurprisingly, cashless transactions have been catching on fast in …

Political Provocateurs Expose Kenya’s “MaVultures”

22 November 2012 – 11:34 |

A new website linking corruption and other scandals to high-ranking Kenyan politicians, created by a team of political provocateurs, has become one of the most-visited web pages in the country.
MaVulture.com, which means “many vultures” in …

Nairobi photographer inspires political action

20 November 2012 – 17:05 |

Nairobi photographer Boniface Mwangi is fed up with his country’s politicians. To raise awareness, he’s taking an in-your-face approach with a graffiti campaign, political art show and online newspaper.
This audio package first appeared in Deutsche …