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Cave detective hunts for clues to past sea level

22 April 2013 – 19:00 |

A yellow splash of light from Bogdan Onac’s headlamp bounces around the dripping orange walls of a cave like a frenetic firefly. At the other end of the beam, the University of South Florida paleoclimatologist …

Astronomer Finds Rewards in Outreach

16 January 2009 – 00:00 |

The telescope room atop Pupin Hall at Columbia University offers a stunning view of the night sky and the New York City skyline. Astronomy Ph.D. candidate Cameron Hummels even considered moving his desk and computer …

Creativity and Persistence Overcome Failure

27 June 2008 – 00:00 |

Tony Kouzarides tells the story of his early career as a comedy of errors. He started his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. in 1981 studying the cancer-inducing potential of human cytomegalovirus. …

Young Swedish Scientist Reveals Fast-Track Career Secrets

25 April 2008 – 00:00 |

Thomas Helleday was precocious long before he started supervising Ph.D. students as he finished his own doctorate. His mother, a banker, bought him his first stock at age 7. At age 16, the Swedish native …