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Science as adventure

2 May 2010 – 12:14 |

My aunt ran an editorial in the L&M Publications newspapers, in Long Island, New York, last week featuring a couple of my photos from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, which I visited in April.
See the editorial and …

Tasty Travels

9 February 2007 – 00:00 |

I conducted a travel experiment recently. Everywhere I go, people make suggestions on what to see, which I usually politely ignore. (“Oh, England? You must see the hedgerows! Spain? Don’t miss Barcelona! Kyrgyzstan? Where’s that?)
See …

Finding Adventure in Central Asia

24 January 2006 – 00:00 |

It was the watermelons that finally did it. The suspicious border guard accepted the proffered bags of beer, cigarettes, and watermelons and agreed to negotiate with his supervisor at the Karasai military outpost one last …