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Mantle Recycles Far Faster Than Thought

1 December 2011 – 13:05 |

The magma that rises from the mantle, forming new islands, may blast more than it bubbles. Where those plumes of magma originate — at the core-mantle boundary or the mantle-crust boundary — and how fast …

Extreme Weather More Frequent in Northern Europe

1 December 2011 – 12:58 |

Northern Europe may have gotten stormier since the late Victorian Era. Looking at a fresh analysis of old atmospheric pressure data, researchers found that the annual number of windy days may have risen by one …

Birds’ Eye “Movie” Might Help Venice Marshland

25 November 2011 – 13:59 |

Researchers are taking the long view, combined with a birds’-eye view, of Venice’s salt marshes to try to preserve them from rising seawater. They are relying on aerial photographs that reveal the wetlands’ changing shape

The …

Banded Iron Formations Have Microbial Link?

25 November 2011 – 13:45 |

A pair of mineral clues recently found in a fossil seafloor may be signs that ancient bacteria helped create banded iron formations — Precambrian-aged sedimentary rocks known for their vibrant, reddish- brown-colored thin layers — …