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Point-of-care tests poised to alter course of HIV treatment

7 August 2012 – 13:40 |

Testing for HIV does not simply end with the diagnosis that the virus is present in a patient; caregivers also need to track the disease’s progress to adjust ongoing treatment. Yet tests for monitoring HIV …

Europe plans molecular screening center for translational research

5 April 2012 – 10:51 |

Almost a decade ago, the US National Institutes of Health kicked off its Molecular Libraries Initiative to provide academic researchers with access to the high-throughput screening tools needed to identify new therapeutic compounds. Europe now …

Overwhelmed drug regulators seek cure in cooperation

9 July 2011 – 22:43 |

I have the lead news story in Nature Medicine this month, on how medical regulators are joining forces to keep up with their duties [html] [pdf]:
Regulatory authorities such as the US Food and Drug …

On thirtieth anniversary, calls for HIV cure research intensify

7 June 2011 – 11:48 |

Thirty years ago this month, scientists first reported the existence of AIDS, and in the intervening decades researchers have focused steady efforts on prevention, long-term treatments such as antiretroviral drugs, and patient …