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Supernova erupts in nearby galaxy

23 January 2014 – 11:15 |

Last night, light from a new supernova reached astronomers on Earth. Its origin: the nearby galaxy M82, some 3.5 megaparsecs away (11.4 million light years). It is one of the closest and brightest supernovae seen …

Europe waters down transnational ‘research buddy’ plan

27 December 2013 – 15:19 |

Europe’s latest research-funding programme includes, for the first time, money for ‘low-performing’ member states to set up research centres in their regions, in partnership with well-established institutions from other countries. But some observers were disappointed …

Cutbacks kick off kerfuffle over Spanish-German observatory

7 June 2013 – 16:57 |

Spain’s National Research Council (CSIC) and Germany’s Max Planck Society agreed late last month to major budget cuts at the Hispano-German Astronomical Observatory at Calar Alto, Spain.
The new contract cuts the observatory’s 2014-2018 budget from …

Why the Tropics are an evolutionary hotbed

28 April 2013 – 09:18 |

Tropical climates are famously rich in biodiversity, perhaps because old lineages persist well in those regions instead of being simply replaced by new ones, or perhaps because the tropical environment promotes fast speciation. A new …