Biometric Bracelet Lets a Medical Device Recognize its Wearer

8 August 2012 – 13:46 |

A device that measures someone’s unique response to a weak electric signal could let medical devices such as blood-pressure cuffs automatically identify the wearer and send measurements straight to his or her electronic medical record.
For …

Point-of-care tests poised to alter course of HIV treatment

7 August 2012 – 13:40 |

Testing for HIV does not simply end with the diagnosis that the virus is present in a patient; caregivers also need to track the disease’s progress to adjust ongoing treatment. Yet tests for monitoring HIV …

Lithium-Air Batteries Get a Recharge

20 July 2012 – 23:30 |

Lithium, the lightest metal, when paired with oxygen from the atmosphere, makes for a tantalizing partnership in a lightweight battery. In theory, this “lithium-air battery” offers several times the energy per kilogram of today’s lithium-ion …

Obituary: Adilet Imambekov

18 July 2012 – 18:55 | One Comment

Adilet Imambekov died on Khan Tengri in his tent, I learned today.

I met him through the Harvard Mountaineering Club when he was a physics graduate student and I was an undergraduate. His ambition and willingness …