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ApolloPlus40 Interview with BBC5

21 July 2009 – 09:03 |

A broadcaster doing a Moon package for BBC5′s Pods and Blogs interviewed me about the ApolloPlus40 Twitter feed I’ve been working on for Nature.
New experience to be on the receiving end of an interview. The …

Tweeting The Lunar Landings

17 July 2009 – 10:04 |

Just read Apollo 13. Forget being a fireman. I want to be an astronaut!
About 13 years ago

Imagine if wide-eyed kids and journalists had Twitter during the space race and in the decades after. I might …

Nature Internship 10: Final roundup

6 July 2009 – 21:42 | One Comment

I completed my reporting internship with Nature near the end of June. My final work on staff there included recording a news chat for the weekly podcast about the ApolloPlus40 Twitter project I mentioned in …

Nature Internship 9: Twittering Apollo

20 June 2009 – 08:20 |

I’ve been surprisingly absorbed by the task of writing 140-character Tweets recapping the Apollo XI lunar landing. The project, roughly timed to mimic the mission on a 40-year delay, has had a very encouraging response …