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Spanish HIV Researcher Faces €210,000 Fine Over Unauthorized Clinical Trial

3 February 2014 – 19:03 |

A Spanish HIV/AIDS researcher is facing a hefty fine for violating clinical trial regulations. A court of appeals has upheld most of a lower court’s verdict against Vicente Soriano, a physician at the Hospital Carlos …

Hospital To Use Microfluid Prototype For Diagnosing Tumors

23 October 2013 – 17:00 |

Chemist Emmanuel Delamarche held a thin slice of human thyroid tissue on a glass slide between his fingers. The tissue poses a mystery: does it contain a tumor or not? Delamarche, who works at IBM …

SARS-like virus reignites ownership feuds

8 August 2013 – 22:48 |

A new human coronavirus isolated from a patient in Saudi Arabia is raising questions over how to handle the intellectual property (IP) of newly emerging infectious diseases. As Nature Biotechnology went to press, the World …

Cheap Magnetic Helmet Detects Some Kinds of Brain Damage

17 May 2013 – 11:48 |

A helmet that sends a magnetic field through the wearer’s head might someday offer a quick way to reveal whether the brain is  swelling or bleeding as the result of an injury.
In a prototype of …