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Fish trawling reshapes deep-sea canyons

5 September 2012 – 20:00 |

Deep-sea trawling smoothes out the wrinkles of canyons on the continental slope, making marine mountainsides look more like ploughed fields, changing the habitat of deep-sea creatures. The process rivals landslides and storms as a shaper …

Blue Bacteria in Bloom

16 April 2012 – 13:51 |

On their own, cyanobacteria are tiny photosynthetic organisms floating in the sea. But when they join forces, linking together into chains and then mats by the millions, they can become a threat. Before long, the …

Sunken Shipping Containers Form Artificial Reefs

21 October 2011 – 12:21 |

It seemed like as good a place as any to brood, so whelks covered it with their eggs. Then crabs crawled onto the scene in a slow-motion seafloor pursuit. Octopi floated in from the murky …

Internal Waves Beneath The Sea

1 November 2008 – 00:00 |

Seismologist W. Steven Holbrook and oceanographer Raymond Schmitt might be forgiven for talking past each other aboard a research cruise. Oceanographers normally drop probes overboard, measuring the ocean’s temperature, chemistry and motion. To seismologists, however, …