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Credit Moyan Brenn: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/5238672496/in/photolist-9r6iyE-8YSvcg-8YV91s-8YV1k7-8YVyPA-8YRZrc-8YVHNu-92RrQE-8YRWKM-8YS1rk-8YS2mF-8YV59S-8YV5ih-8YS6b8-8YS17D-8YV9gC-8YRYMz-8YRZbD-kAXGfC-wLe3r-furpWj-8YV4DA-9jUXSJ-4sxpTD-bnjQN3-azWMxq-abP9wX-AqhMF-dxfFVH-dxfFsT-7Js9WJ-8NFxBX-5zxwNc-dTQPXg-6zHmCY-nC4JjD-6s5sKy-dTWsfu-HnzEv-62x74g-572oS9-9dvvBN-8YVyYb-5Hhc29-i9JTwV-6ps8D9-ab43U2-53CQsh-4Cxygx-4m3tC9

Barcelona’s Smart City Ecosystem

Gardeners making their rounds through Barcelona’s Parc del Centre del Poblenou these days are as likely to carry tablets as trowels. The city recently moved 178 of its irrigation points to an Internet-controlled system. While it is handy to manage watering at the keyboard instead of turning a knob on a pipe, much of the advantage is in the data that the new system sends back to a central software system the city has built. Continue reading

Train of Thought Derailed: How an Accident Can Affect Your Brain

My cousin Guillermo Cassinello Toscano was on the train that derailed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, last week when it went around a bend at twice the speed limit. Cassinello heard a loud vibration and then a powerful bump and then found himself surrounded by bloody bodies in wagon number nine. Shaking, he escaped the wreckage through either a door or a hole in the train—he cannot recall—then sat amid the smoke and debris next to the track and began to cry. Seventy-nine passengers died. Continue reading

Spanish High-Speed Train Crash Offers Safety-System Lessons

The driver of the high-speed train that derailed July 25 at a sharp curve in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, killing at least 80 passengers and injuring 130 more, told controllers he took the curve at around 190 kilometers per hour, despite an 80 kph speed limit. He survived the crash and is now under investigation by local authorities. Even if the driver turns out to have been responsible for speeding, rail passengers might wonder what else had to fail in the safety system to allow one man’s error to harm so many people. Continue reading