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Satellites to Monitor UN Forest Protection Goals

27 November 2013 – 17:00 |

Climate change negotiators agreed Sunday to monitor deforestation and to pay developing countries for keeping carbon trapped in forests. To measure just how much forest those countries are conserving, the United Nations Collaborative Program on …

IBM Nairobi Lab’s First Offering is a Traffic-Dodging Mobile App

6 November 2013 – 10:21 |

Debates about how best to avoid Nairobi traffic can take nearly as long as a drive across town. The city has three dozen traffic cameras downtown, but that’s not enough information for a city of …

Human Brain Project Needs Artificial Brains to Understand Real Ones

31 October 2013 – 19:14 |

If neuroscientist Henry Markram had a dollar for every neuron he wants to map, he still wouldn’t have enough money.
As it happens, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) researcher has a billion …

Data for the 31st Century

30 October 2013 – 21:14 |

Computer scientist Peter Kazansky at the University of Southampton, in England, has some words for the ages. He and a group of collaborators wrote them in quartz crystal using new optical techniques that could preserve …