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Spanish HIV Researcher Faces €210,000 Fine Over Unauthorized Clinical Trial

3 February 2014 – 19:03 |

A Spanish HIV/AIDS researcher is facing a hefty fine for violating clinical trial regulations. A court of appeals has upheld most of a lower court’s verdict against Vicente Soriano, a physician at the Hospital Carlos …

Copenhagen Pioneers Smart Electric-Bike Sharing

12 January 2014 – 17:15 |

Copenhagen, the city that popularized bike sharing in the 1990s, is replacing its coin-operated clunkers with electric motor–assisted bicycles with their own touch-screen instrument panels. The bikes, which the city beta-tested this past September and …

Human Brain Project Needs Artificial Brains to Understand Real Ones

31 October 2013 – 19:14 |

If neuroscientist Henry Markram had a dollar for every neuron he wants to map, he still wouldn’t have enough money.
As it happens, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) researcher has a billion …

Electrifying Formula One

25 October 2013 – 14:14 |

Formula One drivers have always needed physical stamina to endure crushing turns and long races. Now they’ll need to be good sprinters, too. That’s because in lieu of a tire-change pit stop, drivers of the …