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Faux Fossils

15 June 2013 – 12:00 |

On its way from flight to fossil, an ancient beetle’s wings lost their color and then their form. Slow-baked and squished by sand, the glittering green wings darkened and turned blue, then indigo, then black.
That …

Emperor penguin’s old clothes are unveiled

30 September 2010 – 23:59 |

A 36-million-year-old fossilized penguin skeleton found on a cliff-face in Peru has given scientists insight into how penguin feathers, originally used for flight, adapted to swimming. The fossil, found by palaeontology student Ali …

Palaeontologists go to bat for Ida

29 September 2010 – 11:00 |

A new defence of the fossil Ida as a precursor to today’s primates, including humans, has emerged from the research team that last year bought and promoted the 47-million-year-old remains.
Ida, or Darwinius masillae, …

Crested dinosaur pushes back dawn of feathers

8 September 2010 – 20:05 |

A predatory dinosaur with bony bumps on its arms and a strange hump on its back provides evidence that feathers began to appear earlier than researchers thought, according to a report in …