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Jaegihorn incident report

7 December 2011 – 14:11 |

Messieurs Goldman and Davenport, in Switzerland for the McCombie nuptials, invited Ms Crockett and Mr Laursen to an attempt on the Jaegihorn, above Saas Grund in the Swiss Valais region. Goldman and Davenport charmed the …

Winter in the Picos de Europa

23 November 2010 – 12:00 |

The snow under my tentatively placed left boot gave way and I scampered back onto my perch. I leaned heavily on my ice axe with one hand and cheerlessly on the snow with my other …

Wind in the Vallée Blanche

21 August 2009 – 00:00 | 3 Comments

The photo: Kane skiing the Vallée Blanche on the Mont Blanc Massif, France, February 2008.
The outlet: Cover of Cambridge Mountaineering, the journal of the Cambridge University Mountaineering Club.
The catch: A picture may be worth a …