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Bedtime Stories

This year I began writing bedtime stories. Some are available via the Get Sleepy podcast:

Fixing a Feast – Clem enjoys all of the smells and comforts of fall, as he prepares for Thanksgiving.

Floating in a Bioluminescent Bay – Lay back, relax, and float in a bay of glowing, dream-like water.

Other stories are available only via the Slumber app:

The Resurrection Plant – A story about how special desert plants endure long dry stretches and spring back into life when the rains come. Inspired by my related story for TED Ideas.

Getting Value out of Virtual Conferences

Online conferences can be easier than in-person conferences to integrate into a busy schedule, but they still require some advance planning and thoughtful behavior throughout. If you’re attending the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo or any professional meeting online for the first time, we’ve got advice to help you be a good virtual citizen and boost your chemistry career.

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Countries Debate Openness of Future National IDs

Kenya’s High Court ruled Thursday that a recent amendment requiring citizens to register for a national biometric digital identification system overreached on some counts, such as allowing for links to DNA or GPS records, and failed to guarantee sufficient inclusion of Kenyan residents. 

The ID system, called the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS), was a homegrown answer to India’s pioneering Aadhaar system, which two years ago faced its own Indian Supreme Court ruling that upheld some components while modifying others. 

More than half of African countries are developing some form of biometric or digital national ID in response to major international calls to establish legal identification for the almost 1 billion people who now lack it. But this ID boom, also taking place outside Africa, often gets ahead of data protection laws, as occurred in Kenya. 

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