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Malaspina Expedition: Pausing in Perth

14 March 2011 – 05:32 |

Made it to Perth!
My last blog post on the cruise for Nature should appear here later on Monday: http://j.mp/eWh0W8
More stories from the journey to appear after my return to Europe.

Malaspina expedition: Cosmopolis of specialists

10 March 2011 – 19:00 |

The showers overflow when the ship rolls. Lunch often resembles the previous night’s dinner, and one researcher slouched on the sofa in the scientist’s lounge grumbles, “My four-year-old and her friends party harder than we …

Malaspina expedition: Not an obsession

7 March 2011 – 19:01 |

One winter’s evening in Callao, in Spain’s viceroyalty of Perú, Luis Née packed his botanical equipment for a voyage. The 59-year-old botanist had arrived in Perú with the Malaspina expedition from Australia in late July …

Malaspina expedition: Persistent pollutant pursuers

3 March 2011 – 13:20 | One Comment

A dorado shimmers below the surface, flitting its radioactive blue fins and flicking its yellow tail as it circles a vertical net dangling from the Hespérides. The dorado is the largest animal we …