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Nature Internship 10: Final roundup

nature_cover_090702I completed my reporting internship with Nature near the end of June. My final work on staff there included recording a news chat for the weekly podcast about the ApolloPlus40 Twitter project I mentioned in my last post. I also discussed an ancient bone flute found in Germany. You can download the newschat here [mp3, 7:05], or the entire podcast from Nature. For the following week’s podcast I interviewed Elly Tanaka about her work on how salamanders regenerate lost limbs. Listen to my interview here [mp3, 6:15], get the whole podcast, or read the news story I wrote about it.

I also wrote a blog post about how an academic publisher offered its authors and pretty much anyone else willing to to post favorable reviews on websites gift certificates worth $25. Not too lucrative, but it must have attracted some people before an indignant academic blew the whistle.

Finally, I filed a feature story a while back but will be finishing it up on a freelance basis, and will post about it separately whenever it appears in Nature. So in some ways the 3-month internship is not over. I’ll be completing the ApolloPlus40 Twitter project and my feature alongside my other freelance work. Still, now’s a good time to reflect on it: the internship was a great chance to see the inside of a media organization, to work closely with great journalists, and to learn new tricks to take my journalism career to the next level.  Freelancing 2.0? Could be.

Nature Internship 3: Podcasting & more

nature_cover_090416Victor Hess first discovered cosmic rays using a Geiger counter and a hot air balloon in 1911. Today physicists are using hundreds of giant water tanks scattered across the Argentine pampas to try to figure out where the mysterious particles come from, I learned in an interview for this week’s Nature’s podcast. Here’s the podcast [mp3], or see a transcript [html].

I also wrote a news story this week about an experiment in which writing short essays about their personal values helped low-performing African-Americans to improve their performance and attitudes towards school for the next two years. And I blogged about claims that genetically-modified crops do not actually improve yields, the first images taken by the planet-hunting space telescope Kepler, and new satellite imagery of the effects of the L’Aquila earthquake in Italy earlier this month.

Generation Y Workforce

Generation Y entered the workforce a few years ago now, and many of that generation now have doctorates and are starting their scientific careers in earnest. This week, ScienceCareers takes a look at these new young scientists to make sense of this new workforce and the workplace that Generation Y-ers are entering. Here’s a preview, with contributing editor Kate Travis and contributing writer Lucas Laursen.

Hear the original [mp3], read it [pdf] or read the story behind the story here…

This was my first podcast voicing experience. I had scripted a couple of podcasts for Let’s Go in my previous life, but it’s a whole different experience lending your voice to your words. My editor actually did the interviews with the sources for this story, and recruited me as a Gen-Y punching bag.

Barcelona Walking Tour Podcast

Bienvenido a Barcelona! This Let’s Go audio walking tour should help you find the gaudiest and finest Barcelona has to offer. You could do it all in one long day, or pick and choose, since each track covers a separate sight or neighborhood.

Download the audio files [mp3] or read the story behind the story here…

This and the Paris walking tour were my first stab at writing the script for an audio format. It took a little over a year for me to get around to visiting Barcelona myself, but when I did I was able to share parts of this tour with some other travelers–fun!

Unlike Paris, Barcelona’s public bicycle system is not geared towards short-stay visitors.