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Clunia excavation: Sigillata slideshow

This audio slideshow is a throwback to last year’s excavation at Clunia. I wanted to test out some software called Soundslides. So far pretty happy with it.

The song is one Steve and Joan sang a lot last year and I happened to record on one of the last nights of the dig. The photos are a grab-bag taken by students and supervisors throughout.

And what is a sigillata? Roman ceramic found in abundance throughout the empire and definitely at Clunia. See photos.

Clunia excavation: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly homage

The cemetery in the final shootout of The Good The Bad and The Ugly is just north of Clunia, so we decided to shoot and edit a remake in homage to Blondie, Angel Eyes, Tuco, and the rest. If you go there, I recommend turning on the film soundtrack just as you leave Santo Domingo de Silos, the nearest village, for an atmospheric drive over the hills. Thanks to Iza for the photos; I was too busy assisting the director.

The location.


The production crew.


The Good.


The Bad.


The Ugly.


The Ugly’s dancing partner?


Some off-camera action.


Barely wrapped up in time for sunset!