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Geometer wins maths ‘Nobel’

A French-Russian mathematician has won the Abel Prize today for his work on advanced forms of geometry.

The winner of the 6 million Norwegian kroner (US$920,000) prize, Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov, has held a permanent appointment at the Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies (IHES) outside Paris since 1982.

Read the rest of the news story on Nature News [html] or here [pdf]

Cellular ‘puncture repair kit’ may minimize brain trauma

Researchers have devised a treatment that mechanically repairs burst cell membranes in the brain, somewhat like puncture sealants used in bicycle tyres, and could therefore help to avert brain damage after serious head injuries.

Brain-injured rats that are injected with a polymer called polyethylene glycol (PEG) soon after their injuries recover certain behavioural abilities better than untreated rats, report researchers in this week’s Journal of Biological Engineering. Continue reading Cellular ‘puncture repair kit’ may minimize brain trauma