Clunia excavation: More excursions

Our first excursion was to the Valle de los Lobos, where a chapel nestles among outrageous cliffs and caves. The guide showed us fossilized snails and remnants of ancient plankton in the stones at the foot of the chapel.

View from inside the cave looking at the chapel.

The students in medieval burial niches at the Necropolis de Cuyacabras en el Alto Arlanza (thanks Aixa!).

We returned by way of the Garganta de Yecla, a narrow canyon. I was there last year with my long lens so I can share photos of the buzzards which inhabit the towers above the canyon.

Looks like I set the ISO really high. Bummer. But that is one well-fed buzzard.

Caracena is another contender for most spectacular excursion. It’s out on a moor with cliffs dropping off one side and a canyon on the other. We visited the afternoon after the Tiermes lunar festival.

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  1. es la necropolis de cuyacabras en el alto arlanza……..pfff, periodistas!

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