Great European Roadtrip: Tetris in Montpellier


After leaving the snowy mountains of Puigcerda Friday morning, we reached Montpellier in time for lunch on the main square. Then we went for a brief promenade and found ourselves in the middle of a life-sized Tetris game. Jean-claude, the red piece in the photo, later explained what they were doing:

“I’m giving you some context so you can tell your friends while you’re pointing out our face on the screen : we have been working for 3 years to sit an exam in order to join the greatest engineer french schools (Centrale, Polytechnique and so on). That was our last day here, training and we’re heading at two weeks of intensive work to make sure we’re ready and that will be it… We are some kind of geeks and that was the costume that came first to our head, obviously. It’s made of cardboard, tapestry and long hours of commitment… !”