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Ocean exploration, from empire to empirical

24 February 2012 – 00:24 |

Creatures in chloroform, musty maps, and navigation by brass instruments. That was ocean exploration 18th-century style. Nowadays it’s satellite links, mandatory life vests on deck, and flow cytometers measuring minute lifeforms from the murk below …

Sounding out cancer cells

2 June 2011 – 10:10 |

A device that filters cancer cells from human blood using sound could help to identify tumour cells that have spread.
Finding tumour cells in the blood indicates a cancer has metastasised – but the molecular markers …

Avatar’s gaze illuminates social brain

4 December 2009 – 15:00 |

They may seem a little unsettling but the staring eyes of this female avatar were designed to grab your gaze and hold it, and also to obligingly follow where you look. By performing these actions …