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Indian designer develops Morse-based texting for deaf phone users

9 April 2012 – 18:07 |

An Indian graduate student has designed a mobile phone application that enables people with sight and hearing impairments to send and receive text messages.
The PocketSMS application was developed for Android smartphones, which are generally cheaper …

Phase-changing materials in trial to preserve vaccines

15 February 2012 – 20:18 |

Insulating materials that could fit inside icepacks to transport and store vaccines more effectively are about to enter field trials in Vietnam.
The novel materials make use of the phase change — the point at which …

Virus-resistant cassava could be available by 2015

9 July 2010 – 19:50 |

Cassava breeds that are resistant to two major viruses could soon be available to farmers in Africa.
Cassava mosaic disease and brown streak disease stunt the growth and rot the roots of crops, respectively.
Mosaic disease alone …