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Big science at the table

23 December 2010 – 12:00 |

José Ordovas sips a mint tea in a languid café in Madrid, Spain. His eyes scan two mobile phones as he confirms his next appointments. In conversation, he switches effortlessly between Spanish and English to find the right expressions.

Ordovas embodies the hustle and bustle of the ‘big science’ approach that has changed nutrition research in the past decade. This field, once confined to small groups of researchers studying the effects of single nutrients — such as particular vitamins or proteins — on a few dozen volunteers, is now adopting the heavy-lifting tools developed for genetics and pharmaceutical research. It also has a catchy name: nutrigenomics.

Peruvian GM advocate faces criminal charges

12 February 2010 – 12:00 |

A molecular biologist could face a prison sentence for criticizing a report on transgenic gene spread. Ernesto Bustamante Donayre, vice president of the Peruvian College of Biologists, a professional organization, stands accused of defamation, a …

Genes for Speed

4 February 2010 – 22:09 |

Thoroughbred horse owners now have a new tool to predict how their nags will perform on the track. Last week at the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association Expo in County Kildare, a new company called Equinome …

Superbug family tree sketched out

22 January 2010 – 02:04 |

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have families, too, according to a study that uses the detailed genetic relationships of bacterial strains to map out how certain infections spread within hospitals and countries. The genomic-sequencing technology that made the study possible could one day enable hospital administrators to track infections back to the individuals and objects that transmit them, say the study authors.