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Why the Tropics are an evolutionary hotbed

28 April 2013 – 09:18 |

Tropical climates are famously rich in biodiversity, perhaps because old lineages persist well in those regions instead of being simply replaced by new ones, or perhaps because the tropical environment promotes fast speciation. A new …

Predictable evolution trumps randomness of mutations

20 February 2013 – 10:10 |

Although mutations, the driver of evolution, occur at random, a study of the bacterium Escherichia coli reveals that nature often finds the same solution to the same problem again and again.
Over time, random mutations enable …

Point-of-care tests poised to alter course of HIV treatment

7 August 2012 – 13:40 |

Testing for HIV does not simply end with the diagnosis that the virus is present in a patient; caregivers also need to track the disease’s progress to adjust ongoing treatment. Yet tests for monitoring HIV …

Dynamic duo helps to heal irradiated mice

23 November 2011 – 21:23 |

An antibiotic and a protein can work together to fight radiation-induced infections better than either can manage alone. Doctors already use antibiotics to treat radiation sickness. But the addition of a protein from the immune …