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Satellites to Monitor UN Forest Protection Goals

27 November 2013 – 17:00 |

Climate change negotiators agreed Sunday to monitor deforestation and to pay developing countries for keeping carbon trapped in forests. To measure just how much forest those countries are conserving, the United Nations Collaborative Program on …

New Agreement Casts Spotlight on Efforts to Inventory Black Carbon

31 May 2013 – 18:32 |

Researchers are about to take a big step toward better understanding a tiny air pollutant. A U.N. expert panel earlier this month agreed on a technical road map that will guide the first multinational effort …

Lone pilot’s Arctic mission to map dark side of carbon

22 May 2013 – 12:47 |

The sky north of Ellesmere Island had just cleared when Matevz Lenarcic, flying alone in a Pipistrel Virus airplane at around 3,600m (10,000ft), got a call on his satellite phone. His friend following the weather …

Cave detective hunts for clues to past sea level

22 April 2013 – 19:00 |

A yellow splash of light from Bogdan Onac’s headlamp bounces around the dripping orange walls of a cave like a frenetic firefly. At the other end of the beam, the University of South Florida paleoclimatologist …