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Inside the World’s Largest Carbon-Capture Test Facility

25 September 2013 – 13:38 |

In a laboratory on Norway’s fjord-laced coast, Jane Feste bubbles some carbon dioxide gas through a liquid for a crowd of visitors. “I will take an amine—that’s a base—and that will absorb…the CO2. So [that’s] …

Spain’s Lead-Lined Lakes

1 July 2013 – 12:00 |

Researchers from the University of Granada collected mountain lake sediments from Laguna de Río Seco in southern Spain that had accumulated over 10,000 years, trapping deposits from the atmosphere. In these stacks of mud, they …

New Agreement Casts Spotlight on Efforts to Inventory Black Carbon

31 May 2013 – 18:32 |

Researchers are about to take a big step toward better understanding a tiny air pollutant. A U.N. expert panel earlier this month agreed on a technical road map that will guide the first multinational effort …

Spain replants after centuries of deforestation

28 May 2013 – 14:30 |

Around this time of year in the Sierra de Guadarrama, a snow-capped mountain range outside Madrid, the snow is starting to melt. Below the tree line, the melting water soaks the earth in dense stands …